Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas Depression

Every year after Christmas, my husband enters a post-Christmas slump. It's pretty much just the byproduct of the huge Christmas build-up followed by a swift conclusion. Most years I don't get too blue as the return to our normal routine provides a welcome relief. However, this year there are things I will miss now that Christmas is gone.

The Lights: Linus loved our Christmas lights. Every morning, we'd go through the house turning on the trees and garlands. He'd spot one that wasn't on, point, and shout, "Dat," and I would quickly plug the cord in. He especially loved the tree in his room and could not begin the day until we had plugged it in. He would also end his day by telling the tree, "Nigh-nigh."

The Elves: Like my childhood tradition, Linus has elves that watch him during the holiday season reporting back to Santa on his behavior. Linus loved the elves. He would search out their new hiding place every morning and ushered any house guest around to view their location as well.

The Candy Canes: It would be an understatement to say that Linus likes candy canes. He simply could not get enough of them. Of course, we only let him enjoy the soft kind that melt away quickly in your mouth. There were many days where I caught Linus climbing up onto the dining room table just inches away from the glass of candy canes. Lucky for Linus, Santa left some candy canes in his stocking so he'll be able to enjoy a few more yet this year.

Frosty, the Snowman: Linus has a book that when opened plays the tune of Frosty, the Snowman. He loves this book and requested its reading at least 5 times a day. Now, whenever he sees a snowman picture or figurine, he identifies it not by its name but by singing a C note, the first note in the tune.

Of course, these things I will miss only provide me more reasons to look forward to next Christmas.

What holiday happenings, traditions, or experiences are you already looking forward to repeating next Christmas?

(My favorite pic from Christmas morning. Linus checking out what Santa brought him.)


Beth said...

That is so sweet. One of my sons actually was sobbing Christmas night at bedtime because it was over until next year. It was sweet and sad all at the same time. My youngest is one and I can't wait for next year when he really knows what Christmas is all about!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Aww. I think I just stretch it out until whenever I go back to school, and then I'm too busy to notice that it's not Christmas anymore :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How very cute--I can totally imagine him finding the elves every day and showing them to visitors!