Tuesday, September 09, 2008


And the award for "Worst Mommy Ever" goes to... me.

Yep, that's my son. He's passed out on the hardwood floor in our dining room while I am in the kitchen hurriedly making his lunch so he can eat it before his nap. I think I'm too late.


We've been struggling lately with the switch from two naps to one. The struggle is not that the amount of napping is lessened (still about 2 hours), it's that the one nap takes place right at lunchtime. And, I don't mean the adult lunchtime of noon. Linus's nap usually takes place from 11AM until 1PM. That leaves me with the struggle of when to prepare and serve lunch (our big meal). I really don't feel like we should sit down to lunch at 11 since we usually finish up breakfast around 8:30, but I fret about waiting until after the nap which has on occasion lasted until close to the 2 o'clock hour.

Today, I chose to try and push Linus's nap just a bit later. I began meal preparation around 10:30 with the hopes of eating at 11:30. Of course, as you can tell from the picture above, Linus didn't make it to 11:30.

Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow.


Kelly Jernigan said...

Seth & I just laughed so hard at this - what a great photo! Haven't we all been there trying to figure out the best nap strategy?? I love that he is sucking his thumb - I guess a thumbsucker can find comfort anywhere :)

corrie said...

Hilarious pic! Lily has yet to fall asleep in any unusual place or position--she just fights so hard to stay awake. But we are facing the exact same issue--her one nap tends to fall at 11:00. Fortunately for us (ha!), she often only sleeps for an hour anyway, so there's no lunch conflict. (Not that she really eats anything at lunch anyway.) But one hour of nap a day does not make Mommy too happy!

canape said...

You are sooooo a mommyblogger! Taking the picture for the post before getting rid of the evidence. I love it.

That is a precious picture. I have one on my cell phone of CC asleep in his highchair in the middle of his breakfast.

Drea said...

THAT IS THE BEST PIC EVER! seriously that is priceless, photo contest winner for sure.. i love he sucks his thumb, :-) although thats bad at 12.. hehe I was a thumb sucker til i got braces.

Anonymous said...

I so love these "special moment" photos! He looks so precious! I think both my boys at one point fell asleep in their high chairs at the table. sometimes sleep is just more important! gramma B.

Suzi said...

Too funny!! I am dreading the switch to 1 nap... for reasons like when to eat lunch!

Andria and Co. said...

That is absolutely adorable! We are still at two naps, but I have to make sure the afternoon nap doesn't go too late, or Blake will stay up forever in the evening.
Your little Babboo has such sweet curls. :)

Susie said...

I have a pictures of my kids sound asleep in various places - my favorite is under the desk at the computer.

I had this problem of nap vs. lunch too - especially because it seemed we were always in the car right around the time that he'd fall asleep. And I want to be sympathetic but I can't help but feel jealous that your guy takes such a nice long nap;)