Thursday, August 21, 2008

What He Ate

Continuing on my theme of amazement at Linus's eating abilities, here's what he had for breakfast.

1 Hard-boiled egg
1 Slice of whole-grain toast (Arnold's brand so a bigger than average slice)
3/4 cup whole milk
1/2 cup of Green Smoothie (4 peach slices, 4 mango cubes, 1/8c of raspberries, 1/8c of blueberries, and a large handful of spinach)

How he ended up being only 20lbs at his 13 month weigh-in is beyond me. This kid can eat.


corrie said...

And, for comparison, Lily ate for breakfast:

1/5 of a multigrain waffle
2 sips of milk

And somehow she has enough energy to keep me running all day long!

Octamom said...

My 8 of 8 and your Linus could hang--8 of 8 is a lean machine but he eats very much along the order of the menu in your post--and then proceeds to burn it all off by scaling every surface of the house...