Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toddler Demands

A conversation at dinner tonight.

Husband: Do you remember when I used to worry that he wouldn't be able to communicate?

Linus: (pointing at a cup of yogurt) Dat. Dat. Dat.

Me: Are you regretting that thought now?

Husband: A little.

Linus: (pointing at cheese stick) Dat. Dat. Dat.


corrie said...

Yeah, somehow a limited vocabulary doesn't mean limited communication skills. Lily only has a few words (some of them relatively useless, like "eye," which she now says while pointing to her ear...*sigh*), but she definitely gets her point across. And you know it won't be long before we're both hearing sassy toddler talk all the time!

Nichols Family said...

That's too funny! Isn't it funny how our worries seem so serious at the time - and how they come back to bite us later? Enjoy it, it's such a precious time.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

We can't wait for some Linus time! We miss seeing his smiling face in the morning. I see lots of stair-climbing in his near future. :)