Saturday, August 02, 2008

Not-Quite-Sunday Confessional

I've been keeping a secret. I've been keeping this secret for fear that I wouldn't follow through. But after today, I really don't think there's any turning back.

I've been training to run a marathon. *Collective gasp*

Are you okay? I know, it's a shocking piece of info coming from me. I'm not exactly the athletic type. Athletic is how you would describe my brothers. I'm better described as bookish, girl-y, or even cute*.

It's not that I haven't had athletic endeavors. Attending a high school of less than 100 students pretty much requires participation in athletics whether you've got talent or not. I was a cheerleader, ran cross country, ran participated in track, and managed the boy's basketball team. (Oh, that last one doesn't count as an athletic endeavor? Come on. I chased boys.) It's really that I have never actively chosen to do a sport for the sport of it.

This is different. This is something I'm voluntarily doing. Well, kind of voluntarily. I was kind of pressured into it by her. But I'm glad I was because I'm actually liking it (except for that last mile of today's 10). And I'm even a little excited to be able to say, I've run a marathon.

So, if you want to run with me, you'll find me here:

American Tobacco Trail

*Adrian's adjective addition.


loving green said...

That's AWESOME Abby!!!

Susan said...

How cool! I am shocked! So happy that you've found a good bra! LOL!!


Lesha said...

Good for you! I've started running too. Mind you I can't get through the first mile yet, so I'm very much in awe of you!
Your high school days sound like mine too, by the way. Except we didn't have track.