Friday, August 01, 2008

No Idea How

I'm still not over how fantastic the photos Drea took are. Where did this kid come from?

I'm starting to wonder if we brought somebody else's baby home from the hospital.


In other news, I'm mentally preparing to run 10 miles tomorrow. I can do it, really.


Anonymous said...

naw, he's yours! but you are definitely right - - what a cutie! gramma B.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the pics on Drea's page.....he is really showing his personality. Can't wait to see him for real! Gram

loving green said...

the pics are awesome!!!
i got to ask though.... why are you running 10k??? getting ready for a marathon?

canape said...

Holy cow, he is one gorgeous child. I mean fantastically so.

The running in this heat? You are a far better woman than I. Not that I run when it's not hot, but still.

Drea said...

You know in that photo he was falling.. yet look how posed and ready he is. He is a model ;-)