Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beebo (That's tiny hippopotamus for belly button.)

When I was pregnant, I worried about losing my belly button. I guess it was one of those crazy hormonal freak-out things. I actually called my mom some time in the eighth month to make sure that after I delivered, my belly button would go back in. She assured me it would and that even if it didn't look exactly the same I wouldn't remember any way.

To ease my fretting, my husband had his own strategy. He would often tease that my belly button was a turkey timer. He would tell me that I should be excited for it to pop out since that would mean that Linus was done cooking and we'd hold our precious baby in our arms.

I guess my mom was right as my belly button seems to have returned to its original shape at least as far as I can remember. Of course, now we have a turkey timer of a different sort.

Now, that is not my pregnant belly. It is Linus's belly and he has his own built-in turkey timer. And, just like a turkey timer, when he is "all done" with a meal, out it pops.

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