Monday, July 14, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

No walking yet. He has mastered quite the bear crawl (hands and feet) to traverse the sand, but still no walking. Whatcha gonna do? I'm sure that as soon as he is walking, I will look back longingly on these last days of limited mobility.

Oh, and a random beach thought for the day... I will not be returning from a week at the beach any less pasty-white than when I left. This is due to:

  1. Modeling good sun safety by wearing a hat.
  2. Using the available sunscreen which happens to be Linus's spf 50+ latex paint.
  3. Sitting with Linus under a tent providing spf 50+ sun protection.
  4. Limited exposure time (about 1 hour max.)
I guess I should embrace my pale as evidence of my healthy choices. If only I could get past the blue veins and blinding brightness that are so evident while wearing my chocolate brown bathing suit. Seriously, I have NO tan lines. Yikes!


canape said...

Pasty is beautiful. So I hear.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

You are all excellent models of sun safety. Unfortunately, I am not learning vicariously - as my bright red back will attest. :)

Lesha said...

Just like a dying lawn was a sign of good conscientious water conservation last summer right?! *grin*

And I have to say some days mobility of over-rated.