Sunday, July 27, 2008


We have a new running joke around our house. The joke did not actually originate in our house. It originated in the book I'm reading, "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs. The joke however was as fitting to our family as to the author's.

The thing is, my husband can be a bit lot overprotective. I always thought I'd be the one that was super paranoid but he seriously trumps me. For example, one morning a few months ago I was feeding Linus steel cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries. Sounds healthy and wholesome, right? Wrong. My husband says to me, "Are you sure he can eat blueberries? Shouldn't we check with the doctor. Berries can be severe allergens." Nevermind that I have already Googled the heck out of the topic of food and everything I can find says to avoid strawberries and raspberries until one year. There is no mention of blueberries. Nope, my husband has to Google it himself. Meanwhile, Linus has already devoured about a quarter cup of blueberries before Adrian declares them okay to try.

So, the joke... the author, similar in paranoia as my husband, admits to looking at helmets for his son. His son was developing normally and had no medical need for a helmet; his dad just wanted to protect his noggin. His wife, upon discovering this, found helmet to be the perfect way to summarize her stance on his overprotectiveness.

I, too, found helmet to be the perfect way for me to kindly remind my husband when he's gone off the deep end a bit too far.


Susan said...

After the 3 broken arms in 3 months, I was ready to fit all the kids with helmets AND full-body bubble wrap!


Lesha said...

I absolutely LOL'd when I saw that helmut in the OSA catalogue. I thought about putting bumpers on all the furniture, buying a few helmuts and inviting some other kiddos over for bumper-babies! Sounds like fun, no?!