Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Every afternoon around 3:30, I hit a slump and become Zombie Mommy. I can't function. I can't entertain, educate, or even supervise Linus. It takes everything I have just to keep my eyes open. As if that wasn't bad enough, Linus is usually fully awake having just awoken from his afternoon nap. He is running on all cylinders and I'm sputtering.

It is during this time that I look at the clock.

4:02- Alright, 58 more minutes. I can do this.

4:05- What only 3 minutes have passed. I swear it was at least 10. Deep breath, I can do this.

4:07- I don't think I'm gonna make it.

4:08- "Let's go see what Daddy's doing." I proceed to stand and stare at my husband until he either relents and gives me a 5 minute break or he looks peeved enough that I slowly back away.

It's not that Linus needs to be entertained every minute, but he does need to be supervised and I'm fighting just to stay conscious. Usually my solution is to lock the two of us in his room which is pretty much babyproofed and drift in and out of consciousness. However, there are days, like today, where he's not having any of it.

Today, I had to get creative. I grabbed the keys, my wallet, and off we went to Target. A Target trip is always a surefire way to perk me up.

There's a drawback though: That last hour of Mommy daycare cost Daddy $60. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Abby maybe you need to take that old baby advice: when the baby naps you should too! Some days it is just the smart thing to do! gramma B.

loving green said...

I have been there(Bill has been there)... Around here, we refer to it as the one eyed zombie!!! Ha, ha, ha :) I have also done the Target thing, too! This post was great & funny!

Coco said...

liked this post also. Tom, aka Daddy, is supposed to get off at 4:30 and drive the 8 minutes home, so by 4:38 I start calling him to make sure that he has left. During this time, we usually walk to the mailbox and take the dog out. It is a really long time. Maybe we should have a second playdate weekly from 4-5 and Target and the Starbuck inside!