Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All His Fault

Yesterday, Linus took a marathon nap. Maybe it was the adventure of our photography session or maybe it was that he had spent so much of the night awake. Whatever it was, it was pure heaven for his mommy. Of course, not knowing he was going to sleep for over 3 hours, I accomplished NOTHING except my own nap.

Today was a totally different story. Assuming Linus has transitioned down to one long nap, I held off laying him down as long as I could. (I'm trying to encourage that one nap to move to more of an afternoon time.) Finally at 11:00, I rocked him to sleep.

Hustling to the bedroom, I changed into old clothes, grabbed my paint brush, and got to work. I managed to get a first coat on the front door and was preparing to take a lunch break when I stopped to chat with my husband. That was my mistake because he cursed me. He did. He had the nerve to say, "He's gonna sleep all day again today, isn't he?" I was about to respond by telling him to not speak so soon when Linus decided to do it for me belting out a giggly squeal.

Naive little me actually believed that Linus might take a second nap in the afternoon. How wrong I was. He did however sit in his crib reading new library books for just long enough to get the second coat on the door. He's a great kid like that.

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Octamom said...

Went over to Drea's link and saw some of the results of your photo shoot--awesome! I shot professionally for several years and her work is just fantastic! What a fantastic remembrance of this age for you!

p.s.--so glad you like the Wipeout/Olympics connection....