Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Pee or Not to Pee

We had the exterminator in for our annual bug take down which left the house full of toxic fumes. For this reason, Linus and I had to spend most of the day away from the house. We left at 11 in the morning and returned around 4:30. The house was open the entire day so I'm hoping most of the fumes dissipated. I hate having the exterminator in but I guess I just hate bugs even more.

While we were out, I changed Linus's diaper in the car twice. This is quite a challenge as he is and always has been a major wiggle worm. However, as often as he had a potty break, I had none. It is not that I didn't have to pee, I just didn't really know how to make it happen. I had Linus in the sling and no one else along to hold him while I went.

How does one pee while supervising a baby on his/her own? At home, I just let him crawl around but in a public restroom?!?! Any ideas?


Nichols Family said...

Here are a few I could think of:

a) stroller
b) handicap stall w/baby changer - if you strap him down and pee quick, it can work
c) sit baby on your lap...tricky, but do-able

Adventures In Babywearing said...

In the sling! LOL!


canape said...

I'm with Steph. I just leave CC in the sling. I'm using a kangaroo carry in a Peanut Shell when that works for me.

Lesha said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog from the Babywearers blogring...I third leaving him in the sling. Practice at home first a few times. It's easier than it sounds!

corrie said...

Yep--in the sling. I had to try it when Lily and I were flying to Florida on our own, and I HAD to use the airport restroom. That sling was a life saver!