Saturday, June 14, 2008

How far we've come

A couple of nights ago I noticed the small card that my wife was using as her bookmark:

This was a simple chart drawn up for Abby to keep track of her blood thinning injections (twice daily!) to help insure that her pregnancy went full term. There were several cards before this last one.

The Thursday in the second row was a year ago today, the Friday with the circle around the 'X' was when she switched over to Heparin, and the Friday after the outlined box was the day that Linus was born.

Just a funny little artifact that reminded me how much Abby had to go through to get our little guy here.

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Anonymous said...

We prayed for Abby's safety and at the same time our hearts overflowed with love and pride at her willingness to go through that.

Adrian, you were there every minute watching and caring for her and we thank you for that.

The joy Linus has brought to all of us is beyond measure.

love you. Mon & Dad