Saturday, June 07, 2008


Just an FYI. Twitter is being really obnoxious so our status that Linus is shouting above may be inaccurate. It seems to be just picking random updates from the past week. Of course, its favorite is, "New pics of Flickr." Yes, an update with a typo that I have tried numerous times to delete. I have taken no pictures of Flickr nor have I uploaded anything today. It's as if someone is shouting out my mistake for all the world to hear. Oh, someone is... Linus.

If you do want to know what we are doing right now, click here.


Dagron said...

Yay for freecycling! The Durham group wouldn't let me in and they seem to have a million more "rules" than the Lawrence group, but I'll probably join once I'm an official resident.

What are you guys going to freecycle?

Dagron said...

Oh - I forgot I was logged in as Jonathan since his computer died :(

This is Chelsea. Obviously. Jonathan never comments. ;)