Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wettin' My Pants

I got an iPod Touch! That's right, I now hold in my hands the latest and greatest in technology from those gurus of innovation at Apple, and let me just say I LOVE it.

Of course, my initial desire was for an iPhone, but since we are locked into a contract with Sprint until October and I couldn't wait, I got the Touch.

I'm already addicted. I can read and comment on blogs anywhere there's a hotspot. I can check and respond to my email or just IM my friends. Also, I can Twitter to my heart's content. I can do too much to even list here. It is an amazing little gadget.

Plus, and here's the best part, Adrian says if I'm absolutely still loving it come October then I can get an iPhone and he'll adopt the Touch. Hello, like I'm gonna fall out of love with this little guy.

I guess the good thing about being married to a techno-whore is that when I desire a new shiny object, it is mine.

So, if you are so inclined, send me a Tweet, add me to your IM friends, or shoot me an email.

Oh, and it almost helps to ease the hurt of having won tickets to Rock 'n' Tot and not being able to accept them because of family obligations.


Nichols Family said...

Talk about laughing - I'd never heard of the label "techno-whore"...LOVE IT!! I'm glad you love your gadget so much, I'm still a techno-dummy!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...