Friday, April 04, 2008

Grams of Fun

As our visit from Gram comes to an end, I want to reflect back on all the fun. Sadly, I have NO pictures of the entire visit. I know, I know. Every time we went somewhere, I totally forgot the camera. However, we had a blast.

Tuesday- Gram's 1st Day: She is ill... very ill. No fun for Gram, no fun for Linus. It happens.

Wednesday- Gram's 2nd Day: Feeling better, Gram watched Linus while Mommy goes to get her hair cut for the first time since October. Linus rewards Gram's attentions by sleeping almost two hours (unheard of in Mommyland). She gets her nap in the rocker near the crib.

Thursday- Gram's 3rd Day: Now only suffering her allergies (the pollen is thick in NC), Gram spends the morning playing with Linus while Mommy watches cousin Madeline. In the afternoon, Mommy, Gram, and Linus all head to the Children's Museum to explore the infant discovery area. Linus shows off his tracking skills by watching the ball roll down the multi-tiered ramp. He demonstrates his beginning understanding of cause and effect by pulling the beads on the string board and looking for the one that goes up when he pulls down. He then wants to impress Gram by commando crawling up a set of three stairs but instead ends up frustrated and tired and in need of a nap.

Friday- Gram's Last Day: Gram witnesses a daredevil as Linus returns to the pool and shows his fearlessness by putting his own face in the water. He also showed off some strong pre-swimming skills.

All in all, the visit was a success and Linus is looking forward to seeing Gram, Grumps, and all his family soon.

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