Saturday, April 05, 2008

Go KU!

Yes, I'm rooting for KU even though I'm not a graduate. I am a proud K-State alumnus. However, I'm aware of how an appearance by KU in the title game benefits my Wildcats.

It's simple. KU and KSU are both members of the Big 12 conference. Anyone who follows college football is aware of how important strength of conference is in calculating the BCS mess. The same is true, though not as explicit, with basketball.

Take for instance this year's Cinderella team, Davidson. Nobody gave Davidson any credit before the tournament. They were quite lucky to receive the 10 spot in their bracket. This is because of Davidson's conference. The Southern Conference is not one of the big conferences. In order for a conference to gain respect, all (or at least many) of the teams must be fairly strong. The stronger the members of the conference, the stronger and more respected the conference.

And, yes, I know it is sometimes very hard to set aside those strong rivalries in order to root for another conference team. I've found myself gritting my teeth while rooting for Nebraska in championship games. However, a conference victory is a victory for the conference.

So... Go KU!

(Besides, UNC also stands for everything that many K-Staters despise about KU. They are frighteningly similar universities.)


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I just can't bring myself to cheer for KU today though. I mean, they already think they're amazing after this year's football season. And I'd like to see them make it to the finals and choke again.

It might be because I'm around all of these Jayhawks, though. I'm sure I'd be annoyed with the pretentious Tarheels if I lived there. But they'll get my support tonight.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Even with school spirit and fireworks all over, I can't bring myself to say Rock Chalk... But I will say that KU outplayed UNC and I guess they deserve the win, based on that.

Anonymous said...

Don't let it be forgotten that K-State beat the KU team at the first season game this year....our guys were really pumped then. "Any given Sunday"..... Terry B.But I am glad that KU won over NCU and Roy