Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brought to You by the Letter M

M is for Museum: Linus and I ventured over to the Life and Science Museum today after we finished up all our errands. I have to say, the hour before closing is the ideal time. All the field trips are gone and all other kids are just getting home from school. Therefore, the museum is relatively calm. We again explored the infant area but even got some time in the preschool area. Linus's favorite discoveries were the 24 inch square wall texture mats. His most favorite was the faux fur one. He is obsessed with fur right now. He loves to touch it and attempt to get it in his mouth. It doesn't matter whether the fur is real (Eliza's tail) or fake (touch and feel book), he just wants to taste it. He stood hanging on to the faux fur mat for at least 3 minutes (which is forever in Linusland).

M is for Mauling: Another favorite of Linus's right now is exploring Mommy's face. While he's nursing, he'll often stick his fingers up my nose or in my mouth or, if I'm lucky, both at the same time. Tonight, I was lying on the floor with him on my chest and he took full advantage of the dominant position. He was so amazed with my teeth that he tried to get them in his mouth. I was thoroughly soaked within seconds.

M is for Mourning: I found out today that my grandfather, Grampie, passed away this morning. He lived a very long life (somewhere in his 90's) and was beginning to deteriorate at the end so it is a good thing that he has joined my Grammie in heaven. We will all be traveling to Phoenix for the service probably towards the end of the week. When we return, it will be off again to Kansas for Austin and Kate's wedding. We will definitely be weary come May.

Lastly, M is for Messed Up: Our healthcare system, that is.


Susan said...

I'm sorry for your loss. :-(

(((Hugs))) Susan

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear about your granddad. He did live a full life. So glad for you he got to meet Linus! gramma B

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Oh Abby I'm so sorry about your Grandpa. Even though you understand that it was a good thing for him, it's sad to say goodbye. I hope your boys are giving you lots of love and hugs (looks like Linus is in love with your face at least) ;)

I have to keep planting seeds for the marathon, so here's today's: I found this article in Runner's World about a woman who wasn't sure she could run 26.2 miles. So she broke the marathon into individual miles and ran each mile for a different person in her life. When it was difficult and she was tired, she focused on that person during "their" mile, and it inspired her to finish that mile. My friends and I "dedicated" our miles when we ran and it was pretty amazing. So maybe you can run a mile for your Grampie.

Okay I've written an essay on your page!