Monday, April 14, 2008

9 mos. update

Linus hit the nine month mark yesterday, but being who I am, I convinced Abby to let me procrastinate making this post until today because we wouldn't have his new stats until his nine month doctor's appointment. That was today.

Linus is growing right on target - he's up to 27 inches. I'm not sure whether to qualify that as long or tall. He's starting to pull himself up to standing on stationary objects, so prone is no longer the default position.

He's keeping up in the weight department too, although we were told he's slimming down. Maybe he has the Elser metabolism, and can avoid Bartel-butt.

8.48 kilograms = 1.3 stone = 18.7 pounds

Aside from hitting his growth milestones, he's doing a great deal of other pretty cool things too.

He babbles his crazy baby moon language. Most of it seems to consist of "dadadadada," but when he gets really mad, it becomes, "nyahnyahnyah." Not very useful for communication, but it's pretty amusing. The sign language is the better bet, but is still pretty hit and miss. He definitely recognizes the food related-signs, but doesn't seem to be very consistent about making them himself.

He's got two sharp little teeth on the bottom. No sign of any to match on the top yet, but I'm sure there'll be some sleepness nights to alert us of their coming.

Commando crawling he's got down pat, and he'll disappear on you if you turn around too long. He's pretty easy to find though, as he usually heads straight for the trash can in the bathroom. Next up is standing, I guess. Linus can pull himself to his feet using our hands, but we don't have much at the right height that he can pull on otherwise. He'll push himself up on his palms and feet, and it looks like he needs just a little more oomph and he'd be up, but the end result is plopping down on his bottom. Which is progress too.

Fig1. The downward dog

There's a lot of new pictures on Flickr too.

Addendum: Inexplicable noises that frighten Linus include Daddy clearing his nose, and the "baa-ing" from the sheep toy when you flip it over.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Hooray Linus! We can't wait to see you and all of your amazing baby skills! :)

The Doting Wife said...

Yay! Adrian wrote a post. His writing is so much funnier and entertaining than mine. Now, all he needs are comments to assure him that he has a readership and then WATCH OUT! I may lose my blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment solely so Adrian will continue to "blog" but.... Bartel-Butt? Be careful where you point that! Love