Friday, March 28, 2008

Lasagna a la Linus

Baby Lasagna
(Makes 1 baby-sized portion)

1/8 c pureed boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/8 c homemade spaghetti o's (pasta o's and plain tomato paste)
1 tblsp cottage cheese
Add'l tomato paste to taste

Mix all together and serve.

This is what I created to feed Linus for lunch today with a side of peas. It received rave reviews. Just like his Uncle Drew, Linus loves lasagna.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Just out of curiosity, because I have no idea... can babies eat spices? Like semi-spicy food? It seems that all baby food is pretty bland and I didn't know if that's for a reason.

(I'm not saying your food doesn't look good here though! Just the store-bought stuff seems... blah...)

abbyjess said...

Though, as with all things, there are varying opinions on this, babies really aren't supposed to delve into the heavy spices yet esp. salt. If we did, we'd probably have to add them one at a time every few days to check for allergic reactions. Allergies are the main reason to slowly introduce foods one ingredient at a time. Because there is some history of food allergies in the family (though not severe), I'm being a bit cautious. Linus doesn't care. I mean, for 6 months he ate the same thing day in and day out. I'm sure we'll get to the point of giving him anything but for now, we're taking it slow.