Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I need rehab. I am so addicted to reading blogs now. I especially enjoy blogs with other moms as well as "green" living blogs. It is so cool to read about other people like and not like me. Plus, I discover some really cool baby gear sites I hadn't known about. Have I mentioned I'm becoming an internet shopping addict as well?!?! I have an excuse though... it involves someone who is about 2 feet tall. Is that an excuse? Probably not... but anyway, check out some of the new fun reads to the right. And while you're at it, check out these hip onesies... I mean who can resist the "Pacifist", "Pocket Protector", "Headphones", and "Air Freshener" ones.

And I also have to mention these totally cool looking eco-friendly shoes. I love them.

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loving green said...

Hey Abby ~ I am so glad you found me on blogger! It was great to hear from you!
Linus is sooo cute!!! Your blog is very fun!
Hope to talk to you soon!
Sam :)