Friday, January 04, 2008

Must See

Linus and I skipped playgroup on Wednesday, (Shh... don't tell.) and tried out the Mommy movie showing at a nearby theater. I had to because I was dying to see this movie. It was an adventure since, although it was his nap time, Linus decided against sleeping. However, as all things baby are welcome, we didn't do too badly. I ended up spreading a blanket on the floor and playing with him towards the end but it was definitely worth it as it was a fantastic movie. You have to see it!

PS- Roger Ebert named it "Movie of the Year".

Oh, and speaking of movies, the Bradfords (Adrian's extended fam) gifted a favorite "Waitress" and I'm currently singing a song from it to Linus. It's a sweet movie. WARNING: It will make you want to bake pies.


amy said...

Ooh! I want to see Juno! I'm glad you thought it's worth it -- so many movies these days just aren't.

Corrie said...

Oh, hold the phone. I need to know more about how to successfully take an infant to a movie. This could be a whole new world for me. Was it uncrowded? Did anyone look at you funny? Did Linus fuss at all? Send me details, please.