Friday, April 06, 2012

Cool Kids

What my cool kids will be wearing on Easter Sunday:

And it only took me purchasing 4 dresses for Edison as well as a white collared shirt for Linus before settling on this outfit tonight.

For the record, this dress is not my favorite. There's a little white eyelet dress that has pink seersucker trim and a frilly petticoat that was. However, trying to coordinate a little boy with pale pink seersucker is pretty much impossible.

I'm pretty pleased with what I settled on. When I put it together, it just felt right. Linus really isn't the type of kid who should be wearing a crisp white button-up. He's too much of a mess for that. Brightly colored t-shirt and jeans are WAY more his speed.

The added bonus was that with the exception of the vest, we already owned Linus's outfit. Edison's outfit is new but so is she.

What do you think? Do you try to coordinate your kids or select special outfits for holidays?

Yellow t-shirt - already owned, Target
Striped vest - Children's Place
Royal blue jeans - already owned, H&M
Lapel Flower - already owned, unknown
Hairband - already owned, Etsy (wish I knew where exactly... was a gift)
Dress - Children's Place
Pants - already owned, Carter's


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holiday outfits? (Collapses in hysterical laughter) We shoot for any shirt without stains and any bottoms without holes. Low, low standards with 3 boy children here.
I bet your kids will look charming, however!

Heidi said...

First, absolutely so cute. Wish I could have seen them in person. Second, how did I not know H&M has a kids line?! Damn. Now I have to shop! Finally, I would totally coordinate my kids if I had more than one. :)

Andrea said...

Adorable outfits! My girls are five and a half years apart, with the older one being 11, so she we don't really try to coordinate outfits anymore, as long as they don't clash too badly with each other. I did buy them each a new Easter dress of their chooosing and they were both beautiful. They still love dressing up on occasion.