Thursday, January 13, 2011

Painter's Tape Interstate

With just a role of painter's tape and a handful of Matchbox cars, you can keep your car aficionado occupied for at least one snowy winter afternoon.

Laying out a road or two.

I started out trying to show Linus how to lay his own roads, but he had trouble with tearing the tape. We then moved onto laying strips which he did for a while until the sticky tape frustrated him. In the end, I did most of the road work and he did the driving. Typical man.

Grid, what grid? This is urban living, yo.

Tanker truck coming through.

In the evening, Daddy even added a wrapping paper tube tunnel, and the fun began anew.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is cheap fun!

Amy said...

Love it! Bet this would work with trains, too.

Gram said...

the wheels go round and round!