Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's a New Year, and a New Me?!?

I've been kind of MIA lately. The holidays kicked in and with all the additional activities, events, and such, blogging (among other things) went to the back burner.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about being here. I just haven't had the time.

For the new year, I'm hoping to establish somewhat of a blogging schedule of general topics. Plus I'm hoping to finally push my husband into having his own vlogging segment.

So far, here's my what I'm thinking about for a schedule.

Mondays- Adrian reviews a children's board game.

Boardgames are my husband's hobby love life passion, and I think it might be good for him to use all that research and knowledge (not to mention money) for good. If I can convince him, I'd like him to do vlog (video blog, for those not in the know) reviewing a kid's boardgame. It may be one that you've known for years or it might be one you've never heard of, but he'll give you the ins and outs, good and bad. I've provided him with all he needs (a new Flip and TONS of boardgames) so hopefully I can persuade him to get started.

Tuesdays- Something local.

As you probably know, I also blog over at Triangle Mamas. Thing is, I've been pretty silent over there despite having a passion for all things local. Therefore, I'm hoping to force myself to write more locally pertinent posts.

Wednesdays- Children's Book Review

I love picture books and almost everyone I know regularly asks me for book recommendations to send their Amazon order into the free shipping range. I thought it might be nice to do a regular posting along those lines. I mean, there's got to be something great in that stack of 50+ picture books we get from the library every other week.

Thursdays- Children's activity/art project/craft

One of my other passions is teaching. I've written quite a few posts with activities for the little ones and occasionally I add lesson plans. These posts tend to get a pretty positive response and they also tend to be ones I'm pretty proud of. I'm thinking maybe I should try to make them more regular. It might even help me to feel like less of a lazy mom.

Fridays- Gratuitous Linus blogging

You know because the grandparents like it.

Saturdays- Menu and/or Recipe Sharing

If I have to cook, I might as well get a little extra out of it. Plus, I tend to make some pretty yummy -and sometimes healthy- foods.

So what do you think? Y'all are the ones that have to read it, so I definitely want your input.

Anything you enjoy reading that I left out?

Any of the topics above that bore you to death?

Please share. Make your voice heard. It's kind of like voting, cast your vote and retain your right to complain later.


Mary said...

I like the schedule. I'd also like to see Adrian's review of Killer Bunnies. Not your traditional board game, but super fun...and diabolical.

Anderson Fam said...

I have always liked reading your blog ideas. My fav's have been the activities for kids. I would love the game thing. Bailey is huge into games. We just got a WII, but she also likes Candyland and other games. Recipes are always a hit too. I would read it all.

Amy said...

Yes to all!

Heidi said...

You already know that you're my go-to girl for activities, crafts, books and recipes. So yes - I LOVE your plan!

I think the more structured schedule is a great way to keep content current, without the pressure of writing just for the sake of getting a post up. I'm especially looking forward to Thursdays - which will give you a chance to really showcase (and keep refined) your mad teaching skills!

I have one caution - and I say this as a fellow blogger. 6 posts a week is a pretty lofty goal. Of course, your plan will allow to write ahead and post date several posts at a time. But be careful not to get burned out. I miss you too much when you're not here!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are SO organized and focused!

@sweetbabboo said...

Thanks y'all. I'm glad your excited about this new format.

@Heidi, Oh you know me so well. I too (and Adrian too) was a bit concerned about the 6 posts per week. I'm hoping that the simplicity of some of the topics will help. Plus, I'm hoping Adrian will cover his day entirely.

I am afraid of burn out. It happens at times and leads to the long silences therefore I make no promises -- I'm just gonna see if this works for me.


Jana Banana said...

I love your blog TONS and look forward to reading about any and all topics you post. I admire your writing and you make anything and everything interesting!

I will look forward to your activities for young kids; as a once teacher, I get super excited about that kind of thing, but my experience is all with 6th graders on up--so, ideas to use with young critters will be helpful to me, especially!

Feel free to stray from your schedule if you need to break from the norms--I don't think anyone would be disappointed with random topics, either!

Keep blogging! Thanks for sharing!

Convertible Girl said...

Love this plan -- looking forward to it!