Friday, December 03, 2010

Solite Park is for Cyclists

If you've been reading here a while, you know that Linus from a very early age has LOVED to ride bikes. He has both a run/balance bike and a regular pedal bike with training wheels. We keep both in the trunk of the car because his choice of ride changes quite frequently and is often dependent on what park we're at.

Currently, his favorite park is a recent discovery. Solite Park is located in South Durham near Southpoint Mall. It is right off of Fayetteville Road and just a ramp down from the American Tobacco Trail.

Why does Linus love this park so very much? Yes, it has all the basic playground stuff from swings to slides to monkey bars, but what Solite has that other Durham parks don't is a pump park.

What's a pump park you ask? Why it's kind of like a skatepark for bikes. Basically, it's a bunch of hills of dirt. Unimpressive at first glance.

Excuse the imperfect photo. I took it with my iPhone. Boo.

But what a three year old on a balance bike can do at a pump park is nothing short of amazing.


From the signs near the Pump Park, it's clear that this bicycle haven was created with a grant from REI. What's even more awesome? They didn't stop with just a pump park.

Nope, they also cleared out a mini mountain bike trail in the surrounding wooded area. I say mini because it's probably only about a half-mile in length. It's a fun little jaunt through trees, over debris, down small inclines, and -Linus's favorite- through the occasional mud puddle.

Solite Park is nothing short of amazing for any little Lance Armstrong wanna be.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's heaven for a little boy, isn't it? LOVE his derring-do!

Convertible Girl said...

Love how he rings his little bell, too. Once Junius loses his training wheels, we'll have to come out for a field trip.

GRUMP said...

THAT'S MY GRANDSON!!! I've just located about a mile+ of JEEP trails right here in Olivia Farms, Linus will love it!!! GRUMP

Heidi said...

Lucky Linus...what a fun park! A little birdie told us that Jackson's strider bike would be arriving soon as well. I'm so excited to watch him go!