Monday, November 01, 2010

30 Days of MEme - What I Hate about Myself

Sadly, this isn't 10 Things I Hate about Myself, so I've narrowed it down to the ONE that's bothering me right now. As in during this five minutes because the next five minutes will be something else.

I hate that I am no longer 100% at anything. Or maybe, I hate that I still insist on grading myself on a percentage scale despite not having been a student in almost ten years. It's the teacher in me, I guess -- sitting around with a BRIGHT RED pen waiting to check mark all of my errors.

Kitchen floor covered in crumbs?

Yelled at your precious three year old?

Fur covered couches?

Unfolded laundry?

Groceries still unpurchased?

Haven't called your mother?

Griped at husband?

It seems lately my life is one great big F.

I wish that one of two things could happen for me -- I want to either someday reach that A range (A minus is fine) or else stop mentally grading myself.

I guess, the one thing I hate about me is that I'm my own harshest evaluator. I wouldn't grade my students this severely or with this much gusto (or even with red check-marks), so why do I insist on doing it to myself?

This post is part of a 30 day meme I saw first posted on my friend Marty's blog. Feel free to join in whether via the comments or your own blog post. Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know if you're participating, so I can come commiserate or at least learn a little about YOU.


Marty said...

I already give you an A for everything. Of course, we aren't talking about that. It's how we see ourselves.

It's interesting - I've disagreed with everyone's thing that they hate about themselves that I've read. We are SO hard on ourselves.

Melissa {adventuroo} said...

We are our own harshest critics though aren't we? I'm like you-- I feel like I do a gazillion things only OK but then sometimes I surprise myself. I try to be the perfect mom, cook, employee, etc and always come up short but I'm learning to realize there's no such thing as perfect!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Deep breaths. But I'm one to talk--I use the same red pen on myself.