Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bits and Pieces

My laptop makes HORRIBLE noise within five minutes of booting it up. It needs a new fan. I just put in a new fan. It pisses me off. Any online activities that can't be done from my iPhone, don't get done - including blogging, email responses requiring more than a sentence, or anything more than reading my Facebook stream.

Our fridge died putting me out a stocked freezer full of summer Farmers' Market produce. Jars of pesto, trays of green enchiladas, dried tomatoes, strawberries, and even zucchini breads have now been tossed in the trash. What we couldn't eat in the five - yes, five - days it took the repairman to come fix our fridge, then it had to be chucked. Coolers full of ice can only hold so much. Oh, and did I mention it died again, after my restocking trip to the Farmers' Market. Yes, it did. This time an ajar door was to blame. We'll start all over again this Saturday.

Linus started preschool. It was really nothing - like he had always attended. He LOVES it and does not hesitate to say good-bye. It's a really great preschool. It met our #1 requirement - diversity, and then some. We're happy for him and for us.

Linus had another big first. He traveled to Kansas to visit his Gram and Grump without his parents. Grump visited and then flew with him to Kansas and Gram brought him back 5 days later. He didn't even miss us enough to chat on the phone for more than two minutes. We had a much harder time than him despite needing and enjoying the child-free break.

While Linus was gone I painted my two Craigslist finds. The armoire is now mulberry and the credenza is bright pink. They're fun. I'll post pictures someday.

Also while he was gone, our house threatened to explode. One MAJOR gas leak, one 911 operator telling us to get farther away - like down the block, two trucks full of fully outfitted firefighters, and one fire chief saying, "Full suits, guys, and oxygen. I don't know what the conditions are in there," is definitely enough to freak me out. Everything came out okay, and a new meter was successfully installed despite it being Labor Day. We definitely plan to renew our donation to the department's charity since we're regulars.

So those are the major points of the past month. Here's hoping our luck improves a bit. I threw salt over my shoulder after sprinkling my popcorn this evening -- you know, just in case.

So, what have I missed in your lives?


marty said...

Holy crappoly. You have been through it, Abbs. I'm so sorry about your freezer. It hurt me to hear it the first time - but TWICE? I'm aching for you.

Cannot wait to see the new furniture though - and will be emailing you for furniture painting tips right after I post this.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

what is it with appliances dying in batches? SO weird! Glad Linus is doing well with preschool. where did the time go? And he went solo to visit the grandparents! How cool!

Convertible Girl said...

Gas leaks terrify me. How/when/where did you notice it?
But on a happier note, hooray for trustworthy grandparents!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are blogging again. Have missed you! But wish you had much better news to talk about. Gas leaks? What is up with that? So glad Linus had a great time with gram & grump. He is growing up so fast! And it sounds like preschool is a winner! Yea! for all of you! See you soon! Terry

Jessica said...

man what craziness. My computer makes a horrible noise too, hubs says my hard drive is dying. :( He's gonna replace it next week. So scary.

suzanne @ pretty*swell said...

You've had quite the month, lady! Hope things are calming down now. For the record, the gas leak would have scared the crap out of me. Impressed that you stayed sane enough to hear what the firemen were saying to each other. Also: can't wait to see your refurbished Craig's List pieces!