Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrating the Small Stuff

It's coming... only three more days.

What's coming that has our household (well, at least one member) super excited? Is it World Paintball Day? Um, no. Maybe National HIV Testing Day? Nope, not for us.

Haven't guessed? Well, here's a hint. Take a peek at our calendar.

Still no clue? Come on, people. It's Candy Day!

This month Linus decided to help me fill out our family calendar. He insisted on making his own addition right there on June 27th declaring it Candy Day, and who am I to argue?

He's waited patiently all month, checking the calendar at regular intervals to be sure Candy Day was still approaching, and I've been saving an extra special, super jumbo lollipop I picked up from The Lollipop Shop.

Now who says a two year old can't be patient.

How about you? Any special days your family likes to celebrate or at least recognize? We'd be more than happy to add them to our calendar right along with National Ice Cream Day (July 15) and maybe even Lollipop Day (July 20).


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

HA! LOVE IT! He is brilliant. Now I have to ask my kids what day they would make up.

Heidi said...

Love it! And National Ice Cream Day has now been added to our calendar as well. We will gladly celebrate with you!