Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Photographing Toddlers

When I got my new camera for Christmas, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't realize that having the fanciest camera meant I was the obligatory photographer; I didn't realize that it would be so very complicated to use; and I didn't realize that on rare occasions I could actually take gorgeous photographs.

Of course, one thing I definitely didn't realize was that trying to learn to use a new DSLR while using a two year old as your model would be like throwing someone in the deep end to learn how to swim. That kid is fast.

Usually, the best I can do is this:

Or this:

But there are those rare moments that I actually get something good:

Or even funny:

Too bad none of the best are shots of my child. It seems even taking fabulous photos of a puppy is easier than a two year old.


Ashley said...

Start with puppies, work up to toddlers. :) Charley was always my best model before Keaton. Enjoy your new camera! Isn't it fun?? :)

Miche said...

The goat is awesome! I have a camera that allows apature priority and such, but I just don't mess with it often enough. I really need to do it; your photos are just so lovely-even the ones of the elusive toddler :)

AND I loved the triangle mamas post today-Andrea did a great job writing it!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

That is one beautiful puppy. :) I was just going to email you about a photo shoot for little E. She should be cooperative since she's pretty good about holding still. I was thinking Duke Gardens?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

He's at a speedy age--but those shots from behind are pretty good.

Anderson Fam said...

I wish we had a better camera. My friend Mike in Phoenix got a new camera and on my blog is the pics he took of my kids. He spoke a lot of photographers are doing a thing called photo journaling, catching kids and people doing what we call life. Check out his photography site off of my blog for inspiration. I just bought two of his prints. You are doing great!!!

Cheetah said...

The smiling one-legged sheep cracks me up!

Nan Lujan said...

It's a two-person job for us... One of us to make sure he's facing the right direction and the other to sit on the floor at his level and snap a million pics.