Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend: Where We Double Team and Still Lose

Well, it was a weekend. I won't say it was a great one. In fact, it wasn't even good. No, nothing major- just a whiny, terror toddler.  In fact, he was so whiny I was actually looking up the prices on those drop-off daycare places. I just wanted to be rid of him for a while.

As if the whining wasn't bad enough, I also got a little of this:

(One of the few items in my house that didn't come from Target or Ikea.)

And a little of this:

(My husband almost lost it, but was at least collected enough to grab the camera before the vacuum.)

And then, later in the day, he squished me between a wall and a door with glee while I was getting out jackets to go for a treat at Local Yogurt.

And I lost it.

Let's hope the week will be better than the weekend.


corrie said...

Sorry, Abby. It's tough when you wait all week for the weekend, and then it's just as trying (or more so) as every other day. Maybe you'll have an unexpectedly smooth Monday instead!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Uggg. This does not make me believe those who are telling me "it will get better". :) What is on the floor? Sand? I will totally offer our services as drop-off sanity savers as soon as E figures out the whole eating thing with regularity.

Mom said...

There are 3 women in my office...all 3 of them had tales to tell about their children challenges this past weekend. Maybe it was the full moon effect!

Cheetah said...

That's 3/4 of a container of cornstarch scattered across the room. Every step of Linus's development, right when we slip into the illusion that we've gotten the hang of things, he changes it up. Toddlerhood is still something that we haven't gotten a wrangle on, though. I can hardly imagine what he has in store for us when we get this part figured out.

Midwest Mom said...

What was he hoping for... snow?

The good news is that you are in this together, and just when you think you can't take any more, he'll pass through this rough place into something entirely new.

Have you read the Touchpoints book by Dr. Brazelton? There is an edition for ages 3-6 that I found really useful. (Also useful to realize that moments of friction or acting out can be signs of a jump in brain development. As a teacher, I think you'll like the approach, Abby.)

Good luck, and here's hoping he never finds the food coloring.

;) -Julia

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ooh yeah, been there. Done that. And that. And that. This morning we had a ball land in a full bowl of cheerios and milk. And the culprits were 7 and 10.

Missy said...

I'm sorry, but I had to giggle a little at the cornstarch. I remember when Jamie first went to Saudi Arabia and left me with the twins, just past their 2nd birthday. I had a hell of a week where (1) a pitcher of tea was carried (poured) from the fridge down the carpetted hallway and ended at the stairs (2) almost an entire gallon of milk was spilled in the dining room (soured carpet is the worst smell) (3) sliced cheese was unwrapped, partially smashed into shoes and carpet and then smeared all over the TV...needless to say the kids learned a new word and then learned to climb the stairs to go to their bedrooms to keep from learning more new colorful words!! Hang in there, it really will get better! :D