Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing His Own Story

Linus is at the stage of language development where he narrates most every aspect of life. At times when it is getting on my nerves, I remind myself that most of his language experience comes from the daily narrations I've provided him every day for the past two and a half years. I'm guessing he found that annoying at times. Usually though I find his little narrations hilarious. Here are a few of his most commonly uttered phrases:

"Linus/I stumbled."

"I am upset." (A result of us encouraging him to identify his feelings rather than just throw a fit.)

"Linus wants to play cars."

"Mommy, play trains. Play trains, Mommy."

"Morning time." (Said both first thing upon wake-up and when fighting nap time.)

"Wednesday is purring."

"All done." At which time we prepare to wash up. Followed quickly by: "No. Still eating."

He's definitely gaining more control over pronouns. His narrations are slowly changing from the third person, "Linus is awake," to the more appropriate "I am awake."

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Green Girl is charmed by Linus;)