Monday, December 14, 2009

ONE Craft... er, 3?

Here's the shirt that I made while procrastinating thinking on the ONE.

Here's the shirt I made to practice on so the ONE would be just right. (Sewing circles is no easy task.)

Here's the ONE.

Happy 1st Birthday, Jack!*

*Technically his birthday was Saturday, but I really wanted to share a picture of him wearing the shirt so I had to wait. Be sure to checkout my Sister-in-Law's blog in the coming days for all the shoots of a "Winter Onederland" themed party. I know I'm anxiously awaiting all the details.


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Oh mah gawd.

I think I'm going to just sell my sewing machine.

Those are INSANELY fantastic.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Makes me want Baby B around and ready to wear the adorable things his/her Aunt Abby will create!

Andrea said...

SO cute! I thought about doing a snowman party for Oscar in January but we decided on Pancakes and PJS. Great job on ALL the shirts!

corrie said...

Very cute stuff. I need to know your applique process. Do you use the adhesive facing stuff and then sew? Do you do the zigzag stitch around the edge? The only applique I've tried was Lil's t-shirt for her 2nd birthday, and I was too scared to try stitching, so I just did the iron-on applique facing and left it. Which, of course, I knew it would fray after a washing or two, but I didn't really need it to hold up for long.

Do you mind sharing your skills?

Amy said...

Tutorial, please! : )

@sweetbabboo said...

Ok, I will write up a tutorial as soon as time allows and publish it. Perhaps I'll do a step-by-step of a new shirt for Linus or maybe a giveaway. What do ya think?


Heidi said...

Yeah. Fabulous is an understatement. Your shirts are way cooler than any I've seen on etsy.

It goes without saying that the ONE shirt was a total hit.

I sorted through all my party pics tonight and hope to get a post up on Tuesday with all the Onederland details!

juniandpip said...

Superb! How do I have two friends who make such adorable shirts?!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

TOO cute! You need to set up shop!

Sue said...

Those are fabulous! You SHOULD sell them on Etsy. They are adorable!