Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Martha

After much anticipation on my part, Linus has begun pretend play. I love it! Pretend play I can do. To say I've been dying to buy him a mini kitchen would be an understatement. Which is why when he started pretending to cook up pancakes, eggs, and coffee at the playground one day, I knew I had to think quick.

No, I didn't head out and drop $300+ on a play kitchen instead I got creative. I collected some plastic food storage lids (I always have mismatched lids), a roll of packing tape, my handy dandy Sharpie markers, a few unbreakable supplies from my own kitchen, and some wooden play blocks. Putting them all together on a child height table, we were able to have quite a set-up.

It was as simple as marking red burner marks on the lids with the Sharpie and attaching them to the tabletop with packing tape. The wooden blocks (or you could use a cardboard box) placed under the table made the perfect oven.

Donning his apron and with spatula in hand, Linus whipped up a batch of banana bread complete with proper egg cracking technique (tap, tap, tap, thumbs together, and pull). With so much success, I'm not sure we will invest in a play kitchen even if we can find one that isn't pink.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well-made! We have the little tykes kitchen (white, red and blue) and my 3 sons STILL play with it!!!

Miche said...

How very fun! We found a super cute kitchen on craig's list and filled it with empty spice jars, tuperware and old measuring cups. The boys love playing kitchen. I also made a cabinet in our kitchen just for tuperware so they can pull that stuff out while I'm cooking.

Midwest Mom said...

Good work! Honestly, the play kitchen we have has just turned into a play-food storage unit. So, if you can get away with your (much cooler) version, DO IT.

(I love his apron, by the way!)

:D - Julia