Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frightfully Fast

Jeez! After that heavy downer of a post, we really need something to lighten up around here. After all, Halloween is only a few days away. So here you have it: the evolution of a spook.

Oh, and I just have to share this one as it's my current favorite and the whole reason we chose this costume without debate.

And in case you need a little something to festive up your place, here's a quick and easy Halloween makeover I did with Linus's Take and Toss cups and a leftover set of letter stickers (or you could use electrical tape in black or yellow).

(L to R, Top to Bottom: Dracula, Ghost, Shrunken Head, Skeleton, Zombie... or something like that.)

Get creative and get FESTIVE!


Heidi said...

Love the evolution. Where does the time go?

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Awww I love squishy little skeleton Linus and I love nutty dragon Linus even more! How fun. Can't wait for him to teach our kiddo all sorts of tricks.