Monday, September 07, 2009


How to Finally Get That New Kitchen Faucet You've Always Wanted
1. Nag husband for 7 years resulting in maybe 2 or 3 look-ats but no replacements.

2. Begin massive (as in work and money) attic remodel.

3. Have meltdown regarding displaced furniture, upcoming house guests, and phone call from carpet installers pushing back installation date.

4. Choose to direct anger not at something valued but instead at kitchen faucet.

5. Voila! A kitchen faucet replacement immediately moves to the top of to-do list just above 'Apply 3rd coat to new attic walls.'

(This embarrassing admission of guilt and a destructive temper is for Marty who has a similar aggressive tendency toward inanimate objects.)


So what about you? How do you best express your frustrations?


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Oh, how I love you.

Let's just hope nothing pisses us off in Asheville or our hotel room will surely suffer our wrath.

Heidi said...

Tell me more...I've been beating this drum for over a year myself. :)

Did you get one with a pull down sprayer?

Miche said...

Oh this made me laugh; that is so great! Good job getting your faucet! I'm excited to meet up with you guys this week; see you soon!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, I mostly yell. Sometimes I kick and scream. Then I get things done by calling our handyman who does EVERYTHING I ask and Mr. D pays the bill.

@sweetbabboo said...

@Marty "I said no brown M&M's." ;)

@Heidi So it's not really my dream faucet but it does have a goose neck and it doesn't leak like crazy. Pretty perfect. We'll upgrade soon when we've got a less urgent to-do list.

@Miche I only hit it lightly. Not my fault it was so corroded it just fell apart.

@GreenGirl I need a handyman. I'd pay anything for that and I'm sure my hubby would too.