Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Though often a man of few words, Linus's vocabulary has been steadily increasing. The most notable word of late is "Go!"

Although picked up in the context of trying to convince a very large golden retriever to get out of the way, Linus quickly transferred the word to other situations.

This morning as daylight was just beginning to creep into the guest bedroom we are sharing, Linus began his day with the usual, "Dada. Mama." Once he realized we were vaguely conscious, he began chanting his new word... "Go! Go! Go!"


CSO said...

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing ;) But I agree, it's very cool to watch them begin to transfer information to different settings. Yea for Linus!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's good to have a cheerleader to help you out of bed in the morning!

Midwest Mom said...

Linus' future career: Paratrooper commander


traffic cop



Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I'm so excited to see (and hear) him again soon! Jonathan and I were just talking about how he'll have more words and I'm sure he'll look older too :)

corrie said...

Wait a minute, "as daylight was just beginning to creep in?" What, was that like 5:30? Yikes, early riser!

Lily likes to tell Angus to "Move," too. Linus will likely get to practice this weekend, because Angus is frequently blocking the path.

@sweetbabboo said...

MM: Urologist? That's hilarious.

Corrie, Yep, he was up at 5:45 a few mornings in a row. Not exactly something his parents were thrilled about. Can't wait to see Lily and Angus in action. I'm sure Linus will be in heaven.