Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Annual Tornado Tour- Part 1

First stop, Cousin Jack's where Linus was anxious to get Jack up and running. Despite being only 5 months old, Jack gave it his best effort during park visits.

Despite Jack's efforts, Linus found a little more able, though less willing partner.

Of course, the very best part of it all was a trip to Uncle Drew's office. Unlike boring old Daddy, Uncle Drew does cool work that involves some of the heavy machinery Linus drools over in all of his "Things That Go" books. He even got to go for a ride which despite being a bit overwhelming was certainly a memorable experience.

(And if you ask really nicely, I just might let you see the video of Linus riding in the Skid Loader. It was a bit like a Santa Claus experience... totally desired until actually happening.)

1 comment:

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

May I pleeeease see the video? :) Was that nice enough? I love the pictures! Looks like KS is good so far.

Your cats are not pacing themselves on the food - already finished off the full container you guys put out, plus more! So you'll have some fat and happy felines when you get back!