Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Only three days into The Shred, and our fitness coach already feels we need to up the intensity. He has developed his own supplemental challenges to really bring the hurt.

Challenge #1- Monkey Ups

"Up, Down, Up Down... Let's go crybaby."

Challenge #2- Toe Crusher

"Move, move, move. Get those legs up."

Challenge #3- Hop, Skip, and Tots

"Jump higher, Mommy. This one's fun."

Challenge #4- Kiddo Cruncher

"Keep going or I'll poke your eye out."

This guy is really tough but the results will totally be worth it.

(Pictures taken after the actual work-out as Jillian provides no time for photo breaks.)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I would pay big money for that kid's services to whip me into shape! How much does Linus charge? Can I pay him in animal crackers?

Mike said...

Funny. Really. Love the sit-up-or-I-poke-your-eye.


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Missy said...

This is so cute, it's great that L is involved in physical exercise so early! Smart parents, smart kid! Good luck with The Shred!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Man he's a demanding trainer! Adorable.