Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Four Eyes

Here's a quick, easy, and fun activity for your toddler or preschooler.

1. Collect sets of old sunglasses and/or pick up a few super cheap pairs* at the Dollar Store.

2. Locate your toddler. I recommend following the sound of trouble.

3. Place the toddler in front of a mirror. Our full-length mirror works best since Shorty-pants won't be able to see in the regular mirror for a VERY long time.

4. Hand the glasses over to the toddler and let the fun begin.

That's right, Kanye, I can rock the white shades too.

Doing his best Dr. Horrible impression.

Can you say rock star?

[*I purchased a set of fun foam glasses a few years ago for use as "reading glasses" for 1st graders.]


Anonymous said...

what a sweety!

Drea said...

hehe, hes so cute

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is cute--his expressions:) Clearly having a good time.

Octamom said...

These are so fun!! He looks like he was quite impressed with all his different spectacle personas!!


Heidi said...

Adorable! And good for you for catching it all on film.

Midwest Mom said...

Great photos, Abby! We like giving funny sunglasses in birthday party treat bags or as gifts for school celebrations. They are too fun! (My son's kindergarten class got heart shaped ones for Valentine's this year... On they went, right away!)

- Julia

Anonymous said...

what a fun time! Was he occupied for awhile with this activity? He sure looks like he was having fun! And I bet you got a lot of laughs too! gramma B.

Suzi said...

I love these pictures!! Those faces are perfect!

Ilina said...

Adorable! These would be great in a black and white series. Check out Canvas On Demand to see what they can do!

Miche said...

So cute! Little Dude loves playing with glasses too-I'll have to let him get in front of the mirror now!

Gram said...

U2 live on CBS all week and a personal appearance by Bono at your house...lucky you!

Mr. Magoo found his glasses.

when did they make a male Bratz doll?

Linus is quite the entertainer.