Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I Get a Little Queen in Here?

Ever the rules follower, my husband played contest overseer for the selection of the Tag Reader giveaway winner. Here's how the winner was chosen.

First, I looked at the post to determine how many entries were made. There were 127 comments and therefore at most 127 entries. Next, I entered that maximum into the random number generator over at Here's what it spit out at me:

That's the winning comment number. However, I did have to verify that the comment was valid so I followed the attached link to be sure.

Finally, once I knew it was valid, I had a winner. That's right! FuzzySheep you are the winner. Please check your Gmail account for an email from me.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I would have loved to give one away to all of you.

Also, thank you to LeapFrog for allowing me to host this giveaway and most especially to Christy for hooking me up with LeapFrog.

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