Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Throne

There's a new addition to our bathroom. It's a little chunk of plastic that adorns most bathrooms in homes with toddlers: the potty seat.

Our potty seat was purchased on an impulse at Target. (Yes, I'm aware it is a strange "impulse" buy, but it was only $9.99.)

The presence of the potty seat does not in any way indicate the beginnings of potty training. I am in no rush. I'm trying to be a firm believer that Linus will make it known when he's ready to begin. I don't want to push. Right now, it functions more as a stepstool (main reason I bought this one), and only sometimes a seat. Occasionally it even works as a foot bath minus the water since squatting is Linus's preferred chair sitting position.

Yes, there is a potty seat in our bathroom, but for now it is just a place for my "company" to sit.


Katrine said...

Maybe your son will toilet train himself. That worked for us and I also have cleaning fairies that do my laundry and mop my floor! Good luck!

Midwest Mom said...

I think I like the bag from your last post better as an impulse buy!! :D

With that said, my three were 'exposed' to the potty seat long before they were ready to train, too.

They trained in their own good time (all between 3 and 3 1/2).

- Julia

Missy said...

I hear that's an awesome introduction, I've not been so lucky. Our bathrooms do not allow the extra space for the potty seat and having it in the living room or in the hallway did not peak any interest. Now I have a potty seat that does not get used, because Morgan refuses to use it - she prefers the toilet. I don't mind, though. We get there when we get there. Your seat idea is also great, because you know the second you go towards the bathroom there's always company following behind!

Miche said...

What a great buy!! I love that it is also a step stool-after I got the one we have (that is also not really being used) I kept thinking how nice it would be if it could be a step that cheap price I might go see if I can get one and then just sell the one I have or give it away...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's so sleek and trim! What a good spot for your "company." hehehehehehee