Monday, December 22, 2008

Regarding St. Nick

When it comes to Santa, there are quite a few traditions in our family. Some are original to my family, some to my husband's family, and some are new to our family and our very own creations.

  • An elf (or two) arrives Thanksgiving night to watch over the kids reporting back to Santa every night. He/she then takes a new location in the house only to be discovered the following morning.
  • When Santa drops off the elf, he also picks up our personalized bag. This is the bag that he will fill with his gifts for the good girls and boys to be delivered on Christmas Eve.
  • Most gifts from Santa's workshop are wrapped in brown craft paper which holds up better during the long journey. Bigger gifts that Santa must assemble may not be wrapped.
  • Stockings are Santa's domain. Santa is the one who fills them with treats and small gifts. Currently Mommy and Daddy don't have stockings though this may change.
  • Santa is of course rewarded for his efforts with a plate full of cookies and maybe a carrot or two for the reindeer.
Now it's your turn. What sort of special traditions does Santa follow at your house? Who knows, Santa may just bring some of them to our house too.


Rachel said...

I grew up with a wood burning stove as the main source of heat for the house. Santa didn't come to the chimney as he would be trapped in the stove. But he would come through the door. Smart Santa!

Jaanvi said...


Well we don not celebrate Christmas by tradition but I love baking Christmas cake and this time I have got santa cap for my son as well. As a child I always believed in Santa clause and sometimes even imagined him knocking at my window.. :)

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

We always opened presents on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure why - it was just what everyone in the family did. The kids would get to choose one present to open before dinner, then we'd have our big Christmas Eve meal, and then we'd open the rest. We'd have a little bit of time to play and then it was off to church, usually midnight mass with carols and candles. And then home to pass out.

The best part was that in the morning, we had MORE PRESENTS! Santa came and left the good stuff like bikes and big toys and then a few small presents - nothing ever wrapped from Santa though.

Christmas day was then free for playing, sleeping, and eating leftovers :)