Friday, November 21, 2008

New Mommy Rule

Every mom knows that where there's silence, there's trouble. That's pretty much a rule of the universe. That being said, I'd like to establish a new rule for what to do in such instances. Instead of running quickly to end whatever trouble is underway, first grab the camera. That's it, a very simple rule. I guarantee that if you follow this rule to the letter, you will sure to be rewarded with the best prizes. Like this.

and this older one too.

Remember, before you freak, click.


Susie said...

Oh yes! I have to agree completely. This is how I managed to capture a toddler completely covered in a mound of unrolled toilet paper, one brother quietly reading a book to his baby brother, a pre-schooler snuggled with a dog and many others.

Jeannie said...

What an absolutely adorable "little Adrian". I can remember pictures we have of when Adrian was that age. Linus looks just like him. Hope ya'll are staying warm. We're freezing here in Alabama. Not used to it being this cold this early in the season. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I need to remember that when Bailey is up to something. She was supposed to be napping this afternoon and she asked for a wipe, which I must have thought it was something else she needed. I found then while she was trying to talk and sing herself to sleep she wiped a booger on her comforter, yucko!!! I guess she did need a wipe and I misunderstood, oh well!!! Good times! Heather
Bailey has also in the past put the potty seat on her head and got it stuck, should have had a camera handy!