Friday, October 17, 2008

The Name Game

I have a thing for nicknames. Not shorten the name kind of nicknames, but just something entirely different. For example, my childhood cat's name was Bonnie Blue (yes, like Gone with the Wind) but generally we called her BooBoo. Our current cats all have a lengthy list of names: Liza Bean, P-Diddle, and Wins (Eliza, Peabody, and Wednesday respectively).

I guess it's something that I picked up from my parents who nicknamed my little brother Goober (the peanut not the nose kind).

I have learned now that I have a child, my obsessive nicknaming doesn't just stop at animals. I have a multitude of names I use to refer to Linus. From the simple: L to the silly: L-Dawg. He is the boy of many names.

Around these parts, Linus can be referred to as: L, L-Dawg, L-Man, Shorty, Turkey, Turkey-Lurky, Bug, Bug boy, Bugaboo, Short Stack, Short Pants, and Monkey. And with the holiday season right around the corner, I'm thinking about adding a new one: eLf.

How about you? Do you have any fun nicknames you use to refer to your friends, spouse, pets, or children? Come on, spill the beans.


corrie said...

Lily = Lil, Lily-P (P for Pearl), Lils, Peanut, Sweatpea, Peanut Girl, Pea, Little Nut, and Nugget. (I like Nugget, because Lily is a lot of person in a tiny little package!)

abbyjess said...

Oh I love them. Nugget is perfect for her precious-ness. Thanks for sharing these. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a thousand names.

Kelly Jernigan said...

Stinky & Monkey Man are the most common for Wyatt. I have two friends that between the three of us we call each other Bonzo & have for years!

Octamom said...

Our 6 of 8 gave herself the nickname Cutsia. It just seems to fit and we all call her that. 3 of 8 is Hoobach (I'm still not really sure how my husband came up with that one). My dad calls 5 of 8 'Pinko' and we call 7 of 8 'Mooshie'...1 of 8 is Mookie--

Okay, now I'm looking at this list and thinking, "Where did these nicknames come from?"--we have some odd little tags, don't we?!?