Monday, October 06, 2008

A Guy's Pact

I swear my husband and son have some kind of pact. It's the only way to explain why my son will have only a wet diaper on the mornings his daddy changes him but will have full to the brim britches when I do the changing. This is a consistent scenario- I'm not kidding.

Of course, it doesn't even stop there... On the mornings his daddy changes his only-wet diaper, he will deliver the rest of the goods for me about 9:00AM, just after daddy has started work.

It must just be an agreement they've come to. Who knows what kinds of presents his daddy has promised him in exchange for this kindness? Perhaps, a car when he turns 16.

Today though the pact was expanded. Today, we were certain he had filled his britches on our way home. There were grunts and bubbles to prove it. So, his daddy, being the good sport that he is, goes to change Linus as soon as we get home only to discover nada. The diaper was only slightly damp.

Instead, true to his agreement, Linus waits until Adrian is unavailable- not five minutes later- and quietly hunkers down and delivers the motherload for his mother.

Whaddya gonna do? It's a guy thing, I guess.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

He's been keeping the pact with Uncle Jonathan too! It's funny.