Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can This Be Called Progress?

How to eat with a fork.

1. Using fingers, pick up food.
2. Stick food on the prongs of the fork.
3. Bring fork to mouth, but do not put it in your mouth.
4. Remove food from fork with fingers and eat it.
5. Ask for more using one of three self-invented signs: open and close hands in semi-flattened o-shape; clap hands together, or point and shout "dat".*

(*Note: Randomly provide the correct sign for more, as watching parents get excited is rather funny.)


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

He makes the process complicated!

Lesha said...

Next step...SPOONS!

Even more hilarity to ensue when the little ones try to master those tricky spoons. Imagine spoon of yogurt in one hand and pushing the spoon and yogurt into mouth with the other hand. Good times!