Monday, September 15, 2008

Worry Much?

Linus has a bit of a cold. It's mainly a runny nose which requires constant wiping. However, occasionally, he'll let out this horrible flemmy cough. It isn't all that concerning for me as I know there is really nothing a doctor or anyone else can do for toddlers and infants with a common cold. The most I try to do is keep him comfortable, with soft nose wipes and lots of snuggles, and encourage him rest and nap more.

His daddy, ever the worry wart, is a bit more concerned.

Hubby: Has he been coughing all day?

Me: Only occasionally. Nothing major.

(A short pause while he digests this information.)

Hubby: Does his cough sound whooping to you?

Me: Um... no.

I love my husband for his constant worries. I do wonder sometimes, if not for me, how often he would be rushing Linus off to the doctor's office?

Does this look like a kid who needs to go to the doctor? I don't think so.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Oh my gosh he looks so much older! And I just saw him yesterday! Amazing. And that looks like a healthy kid to me. His immune system will thank you for letting it fight the bugs. :)

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh...when did he turn into such a little man?! I can't wait for his next visit to KS - I've got to see this little guy in person!

Anonymous said...

Gramma B. says "oh my gosh! He has grown!!! miss him terribly!

marty said...

Only if I'm the doctor! That face just makes me want to snuggle him!