Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Boy and His Bucket

Linus loves collecting nature. He walks around outside picking up rocks, leaves, sticks, whatever he comes across. He'll wander around grabbing things that stand out to him (a white rock among all gray or a yellow leaf among the brown ones) until he can hold no more in his hands. That's when he turns to me and hands me everything he has so he can collect more.

Although it was an honor to be trusted with these many treasures, it kind of made it difficult to be ready for the catch should my wobbly walker fall. That's when the idea struck. What this kid needs is a bucket.

Now, bucket and boy are inseparable, and the collection of rocks on our front step keeps growing.


Anonymous said...

what fun! I need more walking pictures, Abby! I have only this wonderous gift once! gramma B.

canape said...

Christopher loves his bucket too. It was just a freebie at some party we went to, and he loves it more than any toy that's been purchased. I can't wait until he can start collecting things to put into it!

Nichols Family said...

Buckets really are a favorite toy, aren't they? They serve so many purposes - hats, rock/leaves collector, and water toy! Linus is an amazing child, already picking out differences.