Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Grandparents

Oh, how they can drive a person insane- where are the pictures; why haven't you posted on the blog; what's he doing now; we miss him; and on and on and on. But really, there is nothing better than seeing those people you love so much adore the baby you love more than anything. It makes it all worth it.

Grandma and Grandpa, Gram and Grump: We love you and we love how you adore Linus.

At the zoo with Gram and Grump.

Grandma and Grandpa (and Uncle Jonathan too) doing a little Linus watching.


Darcie said...

I agree whole-heartedly! I wish my little ones had at least one set of Granparents nearby. We have to settle for seeing them just a couple times each year. But yes, the blog helps them to stay in touch!

corrie said...

Yes, I agree. Seeing Lily with my parents is just so sweet. She is especially fond of her Papa right now, and she just lights up when she sees him.